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MAP Trading Software – November 2, 2010

Posted by on November 2, 2010

Great trading day today!  But it wasn’t great because I made a killing today.  No sadly I only profited 1.25 point between 8:30 central time to 10 am; but I learned that the market will do everything it can to scare you out.  And sadly today I was scared out of a 2 point profit.

How much does that suck? Even if you learn to execute 100% perfect trades all the time you can still be beaten by these damned emotions.

I need to follow the MAP trading management system and either let it kick me out of the trade after 5 tics or wait for my profit target to be hit… WHICH IT REACHED AT THE OUT BAND!

Grrrrrr!  Oh well, I was profitable and proud of my day. Plus I made over $50 an hour this morning :) Which I guess is a lot better than most other traders can say.

Until manana,

- John F

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